Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swimsuits for the Ages

Today I went to the gym. I meet my husband and we do water exercises for 30 minutes or so. It's part of his rehab after his knee surgery and it's also just plain 'ole fun. One-on-one time without little munchkins listening in? Oh yes. Fun.

So, I was running late and I dashed into the dressing area... just in time to see a MUCH OLDER woman wearing MY SWIMSUIT! She must have been 80. EIGHTY!

Of course, it was really not my suit. That was in my gym bag. But it was JUST LIKE IT.

And I thought, OH NO! I've done it again! I HAVE A FRUMPY SWIMSUIT! I've always had rather frumpy tendencies, but really, I thought my swimsuit was okay. And yes, it covers me QUITE WELL, but that is necessary since when I bought it Matt was only two and I was constantly bending and stretching and racing around after him in it. I didn't want to scare off the neighbors when I was out in our wading pool. You get the idea. Really. I was just being considerate.

But, it gets worse. Because even though I hastily averted my eyes, picked up my jaw, and went to a locker so I could change, I couldn't get the reality out of my head that...


Come spring, I am DEFINITELY buying a new swimsuit! And it better be hip and trendy... or at least not fit for the AARP crowd!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ahhh yes ... the swimsuit quandery!

Seems they never look as good "on" as they do on the rack.

I just get the long trunks with a TIE knot. (For Safety!)

Merry Christmas!!!!

(wink wink)

Chris said...

MEN have nothing to worry about with swimsuits! I have NO sympathy at all! (grin)

Just imagine seeing your swim trunks on someone FORTY YEARS OLDER and realizing that person LOOKS BETTER IN THE SUIT! EEEKS!

I really need to get a suit that fits.

Although, on a plus note, I felt really YOUNG. :)