Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Men Think

Last night I learned a secret about how MEN think.

I was at Tiger Cub Scouts (very young men in training, after all...first graders).

We were playing a game of "Telephone." You know the one. The first person in line makes up a sentence and whispers it to the next person, and on, until it reaches the end of the line and is usually a completely different version of the original sentence.

This provided much hilarity. Especially for the adults. Make that, especially for the MOMS.

The first sentence ended up as, "I marry you."

Everyone looked questioningly at the initiator of the sentence. He was bewildered as well. Because he had said...

"I love you."

Now, CLEARLY men learn at a VERY YOUNG age to hear, "I MARRY YOU" (and look bewildered and possibly run in fear) when someone simply tells them, "I LOVE YOU." Doesn't this explain a LOT? :)

I am amused. :)


Totallyscrappy said...

It also shows that at a young age they don't understand what is said to them!! :)
I've just started being a Tiger Mom. Tomorrow is technically my first den meeting. This whole cub scout thing is a bit more exciting than I had thought it was going to be.

Chris said...

Wow! You are leading Tiger Scouts? That is impressive! Last night was my first mtg too, but I'm just there as a helper. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today! :)