Saturday, November 8, 2008

Focus on the Terrific

Saturday. At last. It's been a long week.

I'm sad to see it get all gray and gloomy outside, but I do enjoy the cozy atmosphere inside. A lot.

Some terrific things have happened today.

- I finally figured out what is wrong with my scale and my weight actually IS going down. Whew!
- Hubby told me I was wearing the BAGGIEST JEANS HE'D EVER SEEN (and these are -were- my favorite jeans!)!!
- This means that I CAN still lose weight AND eat chocolate too! WOO HOOOO!
- I can see the END OF LAUNDRY today. A miracle, for sure!
- All three kids are HOME and playing TOGETHER with no arguing. Another miracle!!!
- Hubby can actually take the day off, for once!!!
- I RESISTED the EVIL DQ Blizzard that was brought in the house this afternoon. BACK Evil Blizzard! BACK! (It's been safely imprisoned in the freezer).

So, it's a very nice day. :) I needed a nice day. Somehow this week, I managed to offend a dear friend. It's been bothering me for days. There is nothing I can do except apologize, but I wish I could do more. And I wish that was enough. Apparently, it's not. At least not yet. Time heals. But it still hurts because I really love this person and knowing they are upset with me makes me feel somewhat numb inside.

Focusing on the positive stuff on my blog helps. So does this enormous hunk of chocolate that I'm gnawing on instead of eating a normal lunch. Know what? Maybe I better stop that now. :)


Summer said...

You are being better than me today. Laundry is about midway. I should see the light of that tunnel tomorrow. lol. Oh and I'm currently eating a Little Debbie Zebra cake. hehe.

Chris said...


NO MENTIONING YUMMY FOOD in the comments. :)

I'm not mentally prepared! :) So, now you've done it. I WANT A LITTLE DEBBIE CAKE!

hee hee