Friday, November 14, 2008

Ten Marvelous Things

Today Rob (my husband) has again amazed me with...

1) Letting me sleep in on his day off.
2) Taking the boys to school on his day off.
3) Taking care of all the pets this morning.
3) Making up his own list of chores to do on his day off.
4) Emptying my pail of dirty water from mopping the floor (because I hate to do it and he saw it sitting on the floor).
5) Offering to take me SHOPPING in PITTSBURGH for a pair of BOOTS just because I mentioned that I didn't want to drive home tonight in the dark.
6) Putting my waffle iron back together because he knows it flummoxes me.
7) Changing all the lightbulbs in the whole house that needed changing (because I can't reach without a ladder).
8) Practically ordering me to get out and DO something this morning with my mom... just because he knows I want to.
9) Bringing up the clean laundry from the basement (because it is heavy!).
10) Not even once complaining about his obviously sluggish beyond belief wife whose only job is to take care of our children. :)

I think he's a keeper. :) Because he's not like this just today. He's ALWAYS like this. And cheerful about it too! WOW! :)


Summer said...

Wow. He's a shoo-in for Husband of the Year

Chris said...

Yeah. He's awesome. :)

Of course, I did just come home from shopping to find out he'd locked me out of the house.... so he is not perfect! :) (But close enough). Fortunately, I knew where to find a spare key. :)