Friday, November 21, 2008


Brrrr! It's verrrrry cold today! I think this calls for some hot chocolate! :)


DMLD said...

. . . and it's only just begun . . .

Have I mentioned how much I truly dislike the cold? I LIVE on Hot Chocolate in the Winter


Chris said...

I agree... love the snow... not so fond of the cold. :)

Congrats again on your caption win, btw! :) It was great!

PerfectTosca said...

Hi there! I LOVEEEEEEEEE snow! The Woman hates it though so I do all I can to knock her on her butt when she goes outside and plays with me. That's a cool kitty you got there. I know it's not real but I got three real ones that run my life. Believe me, I understand the concept of the Five Razors. Anyways, thanks for following my blog. The woman has kept me from blogging but I whined a lot today and got my way.

Chris said...

HI Tosca!

Harley and Champie want you to know that 3 kitties rule their lives too. :) It's a ruff life sometimes. :)

Thanks for visiting! Glad you are blogging again!

Champie and Harley

Sprite's Keeper said...

How perfect! I just tried the Starbucks Salted Caramel hot chocolate tonight! It was perfect for the chilly evening in Southwest Florida. I like this weather since we usually have a lot more heat than chill. Of course, I've never seen snow, so I really can't speak from too much experience.. :-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Cats do not like the cold ... Ha Haaa!!!!

Chris said...

Sprite's Keeper - welcome! :) I'm glad you stopped by.

I have a feeling you aren't sad at all to have missed out on snow. :)

That hot chocolate from Starbuck's sounds absolutely delicious!

Chris said...

Hi Eric!

We have special snow-resistant cats in WV. :) Tigger doesn't like it at first each winter, but after awhile, we can't keep him inside! It's pretty funny seeing little cat footprints in the snow. :)

BTW, I want to know if my guess of MARILYN and OLGA was right! hahaha

Speedcat Hollydale said...

shhhhh .... it was Marilyn

Chris said...

WOW! I guessed right! :) Sort of. I wasn't sure just how old Olga was. :) hee hee Oh, wouldn't she be mad to see THAT comment! :)

I figured only Marilyn would walk down a wooded path WITH HEELS ON. :)

PerfectTosca said...

The woman has a special room in the basement that is closed off from the rest of the basement. It has a trap door and heat and blankeys. This is because stray cats like to show up on our property. I usually try to herd them but they are never afraid of me! Yeesh! Anyways, she feeds them in the winter and they go in the room if its too cold. Sometimes they get friendly and she finds homes for them. I stick my head in the trap door sometimes and they don't even care! Nobody is afraid of me except the Fed Ex guy I don't like. He's scared. But other than that, even the squirrels thumb their noses at me and one of these days I'm gonna get one of them I swear!

Do you have an opening for a sheep dog this year? I want to get out of this nutfarm. I could be packed really fast. I do't eat much or anything so i won't be much trouble. I'm a collie and I never even herded a sheep for Dog sakes. But I learn really fast because I'm a Collie which means I'm smart right?

Chris said...

Hey Tosca!

So nice to see you! Tri-color collies are always brilliant. It's genetic. :)

We have a foster collie living here right now (don't tell him, but we really think he is a giant sheltie). He's nice. So, we have a pack of three collies and a Golden Retriever. You are welcome to join us at any time! Pack those bags!

We have cats to herd! Tigger even kinda likes it when we do that! We also have a great game we play with the Jack Russell next door called "run up and down the fence line until you can't breathe." Really, it's fun! And our mom always has fresh water for us.

Let us know!

Champie and Harley (and foster Ranger)

PerfectTosca said...

Hey Doods! I have lots of experience herding cats let me tell you! And I don't have a mark on me from the Five Razors either! Now this job I can do! The WOman always says I'm brilliant. But I can never get her to do what I want. It's always Tosca, Do This. Tosca Do That. But I tell her to do something, like maybe give me that chicken now, and she NEVER obeys. I mean I have to DO something for a measley lousy biscuit! But I got it down pat now. I do like fifty tricks as soon as she heads toward my biscuit tin. That way I speed things up.