Monday, November 10, 2008

A Bit of Friendly Heckling

I have a standing 2 PM date at the gym. Probably one of the reasons I enjoy it.

However, today I almost wanted to exchange my date for someone else. Someone perhaps, nicer. More thoughtful and considerate. Ahem.

So, I was biking and Rob was biking next to me.

I commented that I had already biked an extra 2 miles today because I got there a bit early and was waiting for him to finish up so we could do a few laps around the track. I mentioned that I'd been there a long time.

"Oh," he said, completely unimpressed. "How long have you been whining?"

Now, on the wall over the track, there is CLEARLY posted, a wooden sign that says, "NO WHINING."

Whine? Moi? At the gym? Now really.

About a mile into his bike ride he stopped and said he was leaving. Why? His favorite bike was unavailable. Doesn't that sound like whining? :) Oh, I think it does.

(Sorry sweetie... I had to use you for blog fodder today... and tomorrow will be the story of your -um- injury.) hehe

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