Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hamster Talk

Oh, the joys of hamsters!

I was lamenting our hamster population to a friend the other day and she shared a couple of her own hamster stories.

First, I have always been afraid that one of our cats would get to one of our hamsters. Tigger has almost succeeded, twice. Once, he completely demolished the cage by knocking it off of Sarah's desk! I found the hamster huddled in the wreckage while Tigger looked on hungrily.

Well, my friend had also always feared this. And, alas, one day one of her family's hamsters came to a dire end. Unfortunately, she didn't know this. And also unfortunately, she had to get up in the middle of the night for something and... SQUISH. Yes, she found the hamster all right, in the dark. She told me that she immediately thought of the trauma this would cause her 5-year-old son and she hoped...

"Oh my gosh, I sure hope we have MICE!"

Now, that is LOVE.

Fortunately, her son didn't realize that his hamster was gone right away. Yep, she kept up the pretense of a living hamster for a YEAR by keeping lots of extra bedding in the cage. He was older by then and better able to cope with the loss. What a mom!

Then she told me about the plight of their other hamster. It escaped. That's an old story with hamsters, of course. They are all escape artists. They hunted all over the bedroom and throughout the second floor where it escaped, no hamster. Two cats. Poor poor hamster.

BUT, lo and behold, she was doing laundry in the basement (yes, TWO FLOORS DOWN) and picked up a sock... and found a HAMSTER. Imagine that! Now, I would have SHRIEKED and probably lost the hamster again (or killed it from the sheer terror it would have felt from the volume of my yell), but she protected it and got it safely back in the cage.

She is some woman. And some mom.


Summer said...

I had a hamster once. They're peculiar buggers, aren't they? Mine used to store all of it's cage shavings in it's cheeks. It would wobble around. It was quite amusing.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Yep ... I had hamsters as a kid growing up. The demise was very similar. They sure are cute though ... no??

One thing I know for sure. Do not have a hamster and a cat in the same house. Tooo Tom and Jerry like!

Hi from Eric :-)

Chris said...

Hi Eric!

Thanks for stopping by! :) Can't believe you had time with all the lemonade you have to make to keep two stands running smoothly! :)

We have 3 cats. So far, none of our hamsters has met an end by a hungry feline. Our hamsters live and live and live... We've had something like 8 of them. I've lost count.