Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Food Coma

I am still in a food coma from yesterday. :) We had our family Thanksgiving. We are going to my parents' house tomorrow for yet more Thanksgiving fare, but we like leftovers, so we had dinner here first. And boy, do we have leftovers! :)

I love to cook, so I overdid it, per usual. :) I tried a new recipe for green bean casserole (recipe here) and it was as good as the website promised! :) That was a relief because I am not necessarily a GOOD cook. :)

The kids did say that my Thanksgiving was better than the school's. Oh WOW! (heavy sarcasm)

Then they thought about it and decided to actually rank the meals. I felt better when the school got a 0 and I got a 10 (later revised to 100). :)

Plates were practically licked clean (can't actually guarantee that some were not since we had homemade applesauce and Matt likes to be a little caveman). We ended with a burping contest.

I'm (unfortunately) very serious. LOTS of giggling. LONG lecture from ME on HOW TO BE CLASSY (ie, NO BURPING at the table, or on a first date, or, well, you get the picture). :)

I think we have lived too long in WV. But, hey, it was a fun meal. :) Happy kids are a good thing.

I'm also thinking it was a good thing to have a trial run Thanksgiving at our house before getting to my parents' house tomorrow. They really ARE classy. We scare them sometimes, I think. :) They don't like loud voices. Or burping. Definitely not burping. :)

Here's what we had:

Turkey (with a defective pop-up timer, thank goodness for meat thermometers!)
Broccoli Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Corn Pudding
Homemade Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls (didn't read quantity and had SEVEN rolls per person - think that was enough? :))
Homemade Applesauce
Mashed Potatoes

I managed to add sugar to all the fruit and cheese, and cream cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, or fried onions to all the vegetables (kind of a cream theme). :) I think that's how the kids rated it a 100. :)

I hope everyone has a marvelous Thanksgiving!


Summer said...

That sounds good, and I'm sure your husband will be happy with all the left overs.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris said...

HI Summer!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :) I hope you post about your day on your blog. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Seven Rolls??

HA HAAAA!!!!!!!!!! you really go all out.

I wanted to thank you for the last comment you made. I am at a lost for words really. It meant a lot to me. Thank you :-)

Chris said...

Yes, well, those seven rolls are unfortunately going to end up around my waist! :) I stashed some in the freezer, but probably not enough to save my waist! :)

I love Thanksgiving. Can you tell? :)

I enjoyed commenting. You bring a lot of joy to so many. I know I appreciate it. So, thank you too! :)

leslie ruth said...

What an awesome meal! Yummy. Thanks for the compliment on my table. We'll see if the sink is working tomorrow and if I can I actually get dinner on it...