Thursday, January 29, 2009

Umm... Maybe this wasn't such a great idea....

I had a really nice day, but then I started dinner. It was just leftovers like Taco Soup, so no problem, right?


I open the fridge. I reach for the Taco Soup container. It seems stuck. I yank on it... and the tall plastic container of ORANGE JUICE that is right NEXT to it, slips off of the shelf, lands at my feet, and forms a GEYSER of OJ straight up into my face and all over my clothes. Great. JUST GREAT.

Still, I can cope with spilled geyser-like OJ. It's not a big deal. I mop it up, fix dinner, relax for a few minutes.

Time comes for my 7-year-old to get ready for bed. I go up and start his shower. SOMEHOW, I do not REMOVE my head from the shower BEFORE the water comes on FULL BLAST.

Yep, you guessed it. I am drenched again. Oh, and did I mention that it's like 20' outside and feels pretty cold inside our drafty 100-year-old house as well? Didn't I mention that? Oh. BRRRR!

But, still. Clothes dry.

So, the kids are all set and I sit down to read my favorite blogs and their updates. I note Speedy has updated. He seems to think the WRONG team is going to win the Super Bowl, so he challenges the blogosphere to a bet. I accept. OF COURSE. I LOVE the Steelers, after all!

But, now I am wondering... was tonight the BEST night to accept a BET? I do not have such a great track record so far! Now I am nervous! OH-OH!

This promises to be a great time! :)



Summer said...

I'm sorry for laughing my head off at the orange juice geyser. That's something that would happen to me. And what a sweet mom you are, starting the shower for your youngest.

Chris said...

Hi Summer!

Oh, I knew you would laugh. :) I laughed too. :) I already had a mop and water sitting there ready to go, though. Might not have been so funny otherwise...or if the container had landed on its side... OJ under the fridge. Nope, NOT funny. ;)

I'm not that sweet. The youngest needed some strong encouragement to cleanse himself since he was confident we would have no school again today. :) So, WHY shower, he figured! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Peeking Duck Hidden Cardinal

Chris said...

Is there a SAMURI in the building that is BANNED from this site? IS THERE?


I wonder if a big stick will take care of that horrid AZ Cardinal!

HaHA! :)