Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Okay. I haven't been able to post today until now. A tragedy has befallen our household.

See this face?

Do not be deceived by the innocence of that expression. Is he thinking, "Oh, I am such a good dog?" NO! He is NOT.

He is thinking, "Hmmm... I wonder when my people will leave those TIM TAM COOKIES UNATTENDED."


The same cookies that Melanie at Write Stuff blogged about. The same cookies that I made a special trip to Target to purchase.

Am I grateful that we managed to devour most of them BEFORE Champie made his move? OH YES! But, still, I MOURN THOSE LOST COOKIES.

The thing is that I KNOW better than to leave anything edible at collie nose level. I never do. I had these in a place Champie is not allowed to go... but I dashed out of the house today and forgot to close the door to the room holding the precious and delicious Tim Tams...

In his defense, he didn't single out the Tim Tams. He also helped his doggie partners in crime to finish off my York Peppermint Patties and some Hershey's Kisses. My entire chocolate stash. Which is doggie death and usually not accessible to them. I really messed up.

So, with a deep deep DEEP sense of sadness, I opened up my blog page. I clicked on my favorite blogs. And I discovered something that made me do a DANCE OF JOY! Because Melanie picked ME to be the recipient of her TIM TAM COOKIE PRIZE! I feel so HONORED! It was PERFECT timing! THANKS, MELANIE! You're the BEST!!! :)


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That was good timing!!

I think I'm going to Target this week so I'll have to check these out. They sound delicious.

Chris said...

Hi Beth! :)

I'm still chuckling over your moldy cheese post from today! :)

I have SO MUCH fun at Tarjay! There is a coupon at Pepperidge Farm's site for $1 off of these. :) ENJOY! My kids and I sat and ate an entire box before we knew what happened! :) Lots of giggling as we tried the Tim Tam Slam! ;)

Summer said...

You can't stay mad at those brown eyes though.

Chris said...

Summer, OBVIOUSLY, you have never eaten a TIM TAM!!! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

THAT's why Chihuahuas are nice :-)

I just gave them some meat from my sammies ... they are going CRAZY

Chris said...


You mean if I had Chihuahuas that I would STILL HAVE MY TIM TAMS?

Oh, that is depressing. Sigh.

Hey! I LIKE Chihuahuas... maybe you would TRADE? :)

JUST KIDDING. I love Champie even though he's a terrible food thief! We got him through collie rescue when he was 2. He took a long time to learn house manners, but he's usually good now. He just is sure he's allowed to find his own food if his food bowl is empty! :) He has no patience whatsoever!

Melanie J said...

Never fear! More Tim Tams are on the way! And while you're very kind to let me off the hook, they are sitting on my top shelf, just waiting to be sent out, and have been sitting there for a week already. Do NOT make me eat them myself, please! When you get a chance, shoot me your snail mail address and I'll get them out to you right away. My email is writestuff.jacobson at gmail dot com.


Chris said...

Hi Melanie!

Or, should I say, "Hi Melanie-to-the-rescue?!" :)

I promise you, Champie won't even know any future Tim Tams are in the house! :) I may just sit on the front porch with my iPod and eat the WHOLE PACK. :)

You know, that's not a half bad idea... :)


Daisy said...

Aw...poor Champie. Did it make him sick to eat that chocolate?

Poor Chris, too! Chocolate stash raided---ha ha!

So glad to hear Melanie is coming to your rescue.

Hey, Chris after I commented on your other TimTam post, someone from Pepperidge Farm emailed me to offer to send me a free sample of TimTams---how cool is that!? HA HA! :D

Chris said...


AN OFFER FOR A FREE SAMPLE OF TIM TAMS???? WOW! Are you SERIOUS? Or are you pulling my leg? Hmmmm....

HEY! No one from PF offered ME a free sample! And after all that free advertising too! HUMPH!

Thank goodness for MELANIE! :)

Daisy said...

Chris, I am serious! I got an email from someone in the PR department for Pepperidge Farm or something like that. It had links to their site and everything. I replied to it, so we will see what happens. HA HA! If they send me some, I'll be sure to let you know. They must have found your post about their cookies through a Google search or something.

Chris said...


Well, I guess they didn't mind my post because they let me keep the entry! No one said a word to me.

HEY! I think after my TIM TAM tragedy, they should have offered me some CONSOLATION samples! :) Hear that, PF people? FEED my addiction and I'll keep buying MORE! haha

Truly, these are AWESOME cookies. And so much FUN!

BIBI said...

Ohhhh! Those poor Tim Tams!

Chris said...

Yes, I am still very very sad...