Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sledding Down the Hill of Death

It was last Friday and we decided to go sledding. Never mind that it was 10 degrees outside! We are tough Moutaineers! :) In my opinion, there is only ONE hill to go down around here. The Hill of Death. :) It is just across the road from the ski slopes. You are getting the picture, I am sure! I remember going there as a teenager and it was so much fun! Now we live back in the area and I can take my kids. It really doesn't get any better!

We took a little tour of the ski slopes just to set the mood. They were still making SNOW! As if we didn't have enough! Look at this. Imagine watching that snow blowing through the air as you stand in a frozen, 10' parking lot, wind whistling past your ears, so cold it makes your teeth hurt. Brrrr! :)

Then we went over to the sledding slope. It's really the golf course. :) We have VERY tough golfers around here! Very fit. This is one LOOONG and STEEP hill. Just to make it extra fun, you have to avoid the pine trees on one side, the RAMP some teenagers made on the right, and at the end, the DRAINAGE HOLE. OH YEAH! :) Challenges just make it more fun! :)

What I forgot was that as a teen, I used to take off my glasses before going down the hill. That became a problem.

Matt puts down our sled and we tuck ourselves in... and take off! WHOOOSH! Oh geeez! I forgot how FAST you go and how much SNOW hits you! Every time I tried to slow us down with my feet, I just made a HUGE FREEZING wall of snow hit the sled. I felt like I had ice cubes pelting me in the face! I think I had icicles dripping from my glasses. MY FACE WAS SO COLD!

However, it was worth it because at the very base of the hill (after we barely dodged the pine trees and the ramp AND the drainage hole), Matt leapt out of the sled and jumped up and down and said it was AWESOME. It made it all worth it. I smiled all the way back up the hill. Every. Last. Step. Up. That. White. Curtain. Of. Neverending. Snow.

Sledding in 10 degrees down the hill across the road from the ski slope... what WAS I thinking? The boys LOVED it, of course. But then, they don't wear glasses AND they had ski hats on that covered their faces. :) They went so far down the slope that they were just little black dots in the distance. Or, so it seemed. By that point my glasses were pretty coated in ice and visibility was a tad impaired. :)


Summer said...

I hate being cold (I'm a beach kind of person), but that looks like fun!

Chris said...

It was soooo much fun! :)

Now, when you get all the way to the end of the slope, you hit the soccer fields. And just beyond them is the POOL. :) So, at the end of the sled ride, you can SEE the pool and THINK of the bright days of summer and swimming.

How does that sound? ;)

Of course, I couldn't see anything at all by the time we were at the base of the hill and Matt looked like the abominable snowman! :)

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! Oh dear! Chris you paint such a picture with your poor cold face and your glasses covered with snow. I'm glad you had fun. I'm sure your kids (and you too)will look back on this day and remember all the fun you had but forget the cold and the snow in the face. Wonderful post. :D

Chris said...

Daisy, it was SO much fun! :) I think the cold in the face somehow made it MORE fun. :) The second time I went down the hill, I took my glasses off. :)

So glad you stopped by! ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

WAY to much fun!

When I was young, we used to ride "stacked". Dad on the bottom, then me, then my brother.

The pastor at church brought us to slide once on Father / son day because he had two daughters. Long story short, we explained the stack slide technique, and off we went down the hill.

Every bump produced a painful " UHHHHHH " out of pastor Mark. He was obviously shook up pretty good. We laughed and laughed!!!!

The rest of the day we rode our OWN sleds.

HA HAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

There are hills in Minnesota? Really? :) Where? :) haha

Did you catch the part about how we were sledding on the golf course? ;)

Riding stacked sounds like a lot of fun if you are not on the bottom! Poor Pastor Mark! :) That's a really great story!

BIBI said...

OMG! That sounds like so much fun. I haven't been sledding since I was 7 in NYC. But then again we don't have hills and hills of clean whit snow in NYC. Just mounds and mounds of dirty snow.

But now that I am in VA, I rarely get to see snow (maybe one or two inches a year) which is not enough. But why am I complaining? I hate being cold!!!

But you sound like you had such fun! :) And I hate to laugh, but picturing you with your glasses frozen and you sledding down the hill with ice hanging from your face is a pretty funny image! Hahahahah!

Love this blog!

intrepidideas said...

That looks like so much fun. I am sooooo jealous. I got my first set of stitches sledding down a hill like that. Trees don't move much. Thanks for the post.

Chris said...

Hi Bibi! I hear you laughing at me! :) But, that is okay. I was laughing at me too. We all looked like abominable snowmen at the base of the hill! :)

Hi intrepidideas,
FIRST set of stitches? That must have been some sled ride! I got one of my worst injuries sledding too. Not on this hill, though. Glad you stopped by! :)