Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The kids are FINALLY back to school today after what turned out to be an INCREDIBLE FIVE day break from school due to bad weather.

I have time to BLOG again! WOOO HOOOOO! :)

So much happened that I'll have to split up the blog entries, but just so you know these are on the way...(I haven't forgotten my bloggy buddies! Please don't forget me!) :)

1) COSI with 5 Bottomless Pits
2) Sledding Down the Hill of Death
3) Crushing those Horrid RAVENS!
4) My BF has found her trophy husband!

Have a great day! :) I really have to repair the HOUSE after 5 days of ignoring it and having a tremendous time with the kiddos!


Summer said...

What qualities make a man "trophy husband" material? Just curious.

Chris said...

HI Summer!

HA! You will have to wait for the blog entry to find out! :) But, I'll give you a hint... she found him while watching TV. What? That's not helpful? Oh. Silly me. hee hee hee

Daisy said...

Hi Chris! It's fun to get to spend some extra time with your kids when they are off, isn't it (and also good when they get back to school!-ha ha!) ;)

Have a great day today!