Monday, January 26, 2009



Evidently, eating Tim Tams like they are going out of style all weekend is a surefire way to lose 2 pounds! If you look at my sidebar, you'll see my weight loss ticker and how close I am to my next goal weight! WOO HOO!

I wish I'd known about this diet sooner! I need to go back to Target to stock up since we are expecting to be snowed in for the next few days. Who knows how much weight I would gain back without TIM TAMS at hand? I'm down to only 2 bags and getting nervous about the low supply!

Now, this diet MAY have been helped along by the crazy busy weekend we had and all the work that got done around the house, but I'm sticking to my TIM TAM theory! They were my reward for getting work done, after all! :)

Finally, a GUILT-FREE chocolate! :) Bring on the Tim Tams!


Summer said...

Well you've certainly sold me on the Tim Tam Theory.

word verification: shape.


Chris said...

Shape? As in SMALLER shape after eating Tim Tams? Oh, I THINK SO! :)

I think it is time for you to go buy some Tim Tams! I can't believe you have resisted this long! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

hmmmmm ... was it the golf course destrution or the Tim Tam???

just kidding he heeeee

Headed on to the egg o chikins

Chris said...

Speedy, don't ruin my theory! :) OF COURSE it was the TIM TAMS! :)

ILoveTimTamCookies said...

Have you seen We would love to have you contribute to our community section!

Daisy said...

Chris--ha ha ha! So you think eating Tim Tams has made you lose weight. I will have to give this a try.

I am laughing my head off at Summer's comment about her word verification being "shape."

Mine for this comment is "faked."

HA HA HA! I am not kidding! :D

Chris said...

FAKED, as in you FAKED your comment? As in you FAKED eating a Tim Tam? As in you think I FAKED losing weight? hahahaha :)

Now now. OF COURSE I lost 2 pounds. Or, maybe I just need a new battery in my scale. Whichever. I'll take it. :) I have a LOT more to lose, so I'll be stocking up on the Tim Tams... and maybe buying a new battery for my scale.