Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mini-Wheats ... Hot or Not?

Have you seen the commercial for Kellogg's Mini-Wheats where they show the person eating them HOT? As in, heat up the milk and pour it over your bowl of cereal, rather than using cold milk.

Well, my first thought after seeing the commercial was, ICK.

BUT, I just got back from sliding around our icy neighborhood on the other end of 2 dog leashes and I decided this was just the morning to eat something WARM. Brrrr! It's freezing cold outside!!!

So, I poured my Mini-Wheats cereal.

I carefully warmed the milk to toasty warm but not too hot.

I poured milk over cereal, gathered up a spoon, placed myself in front of my computer, and dug in. At first, just holding the warm bowl was nice. Usually, I am regretting having cold cereal mid-winter just as soon as I've been holding it for a few minutes. Not today!

But, after a few mouthfuls, the cereal got extra soggy. So, I ate faster! Which, I must say, really cut into my typing speed!

And I found that I could barely finish the bowl. My favorite cereal and I had to make myself finish the bowl. I was disappointed.

I even checked to see if they make Mini-Wheats with chocolate frosting. After all, wouldn't that be like a cup of hot cocoa with some Mini-Wheats thrown in? Um.. on second thought... :) They don't make them anyway.

Here's the recipe in case my directions are difficult to follow: :)



Daisy said...

Actually, I love oatmeal and Cream of wheat cereals, but I had to vote no because I don't like Mini-wheats! HA HA! Maybe if I tried them hot I would like them though? Hmmmm...... :D

Chris said...

YOU DON'T LIKE MINI-WHEATS? Isn't that unamerican or something? ;) KIDDING! :)

I'm the opposite. I don't like Cream of Wheat types of cereals. I guess like my cereal crunchy! :)

So, this AM, I bundled up and enjoyed my COLD, crispy Mini-Wheats. :) I wish I liked the warm cereals!