Friday, January 9, 2009

How I Feel Today...

How do I feel today? Let me show you...

(And yes, you'll have to have read this post in order to understand today's post).


Daisy said...

HA HA HA! Hey Chris, guess what was delivered to my house today! (Thanks to you and your blog!) :D

When you get a chance, check out my latest post at my Dancing With Daisy site.

BIBI said...

That's too cute. I've got to find some Tim Tams now. Forget the diet, I just want to taste them! :)

P.S. you've been tagged! Visit my blog to get you award.

Chris said...

DAISY! That is SO not fair and I am sensing GLOATING!

Not that I blame you of course. :)

Now you are going to have to try the caramel ones! I think they are even better, though my kids like both varieties equally.

I still can't believe they sent you a FREE pack!!!! Well, I have to say, GOOD FOR YOU! :) I'm glad you told me. Makes me feel like my site has some purpose. :)

Chris said...

HI Bibi!

I'm not sure you will be able to just TASTE them! :) They are addictive! Just warning you now so you can't blame me later. :) hee hee

TAGGED! I have to go see! :)

Daisy said...

Gloating? ME????? ha ha--maybe just a little (wink, wink)

I am jealous of you having had the caramel ones though. I think I would like the caramel ones better than the chocolate too! :D

Chris said...

Daisy... HEY! I am onto you! YOU ARE HINTING TO THE PEPPERIDGE FARM PEEPS to send you a bag of CARAMEL ones too! :)

I don't blame you. As a matter of fact, on MY behalf... HINT HINT!

Oh, I have had SUCH fun with Tim Tams! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I just MUST go get some of these. They seem to be the talk of the town!!

Chocolate, cookie, Pepridge Farm, MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I am going to hide mine in the garage)

Chris said...

WHAT? You get a MAN in the bag of cookies too? A MAN? My Tim Tams must have been DEFECTIVE bag!!!

Champie says he HEARD your garage comment and he's smart enough to catch a bus AND open your garage!