Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm in a QUANDARY! Help!

Now, SOME of you may think that I mention Tim Tams a little too often. Summer most certainly does! :) (But in a good way). :) If you want a chuckle, read her husband's opinion on this here in the comment section.

But, today, I HAVE to mention them! The most FABULOUS THING happened! I was walking out the door to get in the van and go to the gym. I have to exercise so that I can afford to eat Tim Tams, after all!

As I turned to check the door, I noticed a PACKAGE. Wow! I sure wasn't expecting anything. I looked more closely. See the RETURN ADDRESS?

AUSTRALIA!!!! I started jumping up and down on the porch because Melanie at Write Stuff told me about this package and its contents. TIM TAMS! AUTHENTIC ones, from AUSTRALIA! (I may have to say AUSTRALIA a few more times because I think it is SO COOL!) :)

Dal, Hel & Bel (who must be awesomely cool themselves) sent this package! I don't even KNOW them! And they went all out! No surface delivery for this box. No way! AIR MAIL! OH MY GOSH! Who ARE these nice people?

So, after just enjoying having the box for a bit and thinking about its contents (it's all about anticipation, after all), I got out the scissors and opened the box from AUSTRALIA. :)

And, GOLD fell out!

Okay, maybe not. But, seriously, can YOU see the difference? Because I cannot.

I am drooling just LOOKING at that last picture!

(Excuse me for a moment while I blow the AUSTRALIAN TIM TAM cookie crumbs off of my keyboard).

Dal, Hel & Bel even added a nice note!

So, I think this qualifies as one of the NICEST DAYS EVER when it comes to AUSTRALIAN PACKAGE DELIVERY! :) Thanks for making my day! :) Thank you, Melanie! Thank you Dal, Hel, and Bel! You guys really didn't have to go so all out over Melanie's contest winnings. But, you sure did make me smile! :)

If you are wondering what in the world my quandary was, it was which Tim Tam cookie to try first! I -um- already took care of that little dilemma. See the dark chocolate choice? Oh YEAH! YUM! :)

(Later this evening...)

We've discovered the fun with Tim Tams just never ends! Even our CAT is enjoying the BOX that they came in! Do you think those packing peanuts took on the flavors of the Tim Tams they were packed with? Maybe I should put those away...)


Melanie J said...

Oh, I'm so glad! And really jealous! They look amazing!

Chris said...

My kids are ready to ATTACK! I'm holding them off, but barely! :)

I decided I really needed to -um- "test" one of each first. You know, for safety reasons. Yeah. We'll go with that. :) I'm not being selfish or anything. Really. I'll EVENTUALLY share. :)

Hel said...

Hooray! I am glad they got there ok. It's been so hot here, I thought for sure you would get all the Tim Tams in liquid form.

On another note, I am glad that your cat likes the packing peanuts - Bel also enjoy an odd peanut or two while I packed the box!

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! Tim Tams in the mail are the coolest! What fun! Wow, look at all the kinds they have in Australia! Enjoy! :D

Speedcat Hollydale said...

The cat is getting some good fiber!

Tim Tams ... not so much fiber.


Time for lunch :-)

Chris said...

HI Daisy and Speedy!

I'm so glad you two stopped by! Let the fun begin! :) Or, the Tim Tam distribution. :)

I have been working SO HARD at the gym so I can feel NO GUILT about enjoying them! :)

Speedy, I'm quite sure these SPECIAL AUSTRALIAN Tim Tams have EXTRA fiber. Those Aussies are TOUGH and have LOTS of fiber! :) Or something like that. :) KInd of like Minnesotians. :) And your aliens. :) Have a nice lunch!

Chris said...

Hi Melanie and Hel!

You two are SO WONDERFUL to have done all this for me! I have had so much fun with it. :) THANK YOU!!!

dmarks said...

With the blur, at first it looked to me like a cat lying in a drift of cigarette butts.

Chris said...

Yeah, my new (cheap) camera is a tad disappointing in low light. But, it WAS cheap, so...

Glad you stopped by! :)

intrepidideas said...

Outstanding.... You scored big time!

Chris said...

Yes, I am THRILLED! :) The trick is not eating all 50 cookies in one sitting. :) The only thing holding me back is thinking of the week long camp out that I would have to have at the gym to get rid of the after effects! :)

If I were a better person, I would have had a Tim Tam party or something. But, no. :)

BIBI said...

WOW! you did have the coolest day ever! Now that I know what they look like, I'm going to buy them. But where in the USA can I buy them. Anyone?!?


Chris said...

HI Bibi!

So far, you can only get them at Target...and that is only until March. It must be some sort of test market or something.

YUM! :)