Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Illuminating Experience

Yesterday, I had my youngest home from school with me. He's sick. Again. We REALLY should have gotten him a flu shot like we did last year.

It made for a long day. I love getting to spend the extra time with him, but sick kids are just needy.

So, evening comes along. It's 11:30 PM and I'm showered and ready to call it a night. Suddenly, I decide to do LAUNDRY. This is SO ME. Middle of the night cleaning frenzy. I work a bit then sit down to play some online Scrabble. I just need some alone time, you know?

I chat online.

Play more Scrabble.

Comment on some blogs.

You know how it goes.

Suddenly, it is 4 AM! HOW did that HAPPEN?

I dash upstairs and try to get some sleep asap.

This morning I'm drinking my tea (and yawning), when my NEIGHBOR (and best friend) calls.

"WHAT were you DOING last night? Are you OKAY?" she wants to know.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

Well, it turns out she came downstairs in her OWN home last night and said that MY house was lit up like a BEACON in the night to the point were she DIDN'T NEED TO USE A LIGHT TO GET DOWN HER OWN STAIRS (yeah, our houses aren't that far apart).

And the funniest part of it all is that SHE'S ILL and she wants to know if I'M okay. Heck, I was just cleaning a bit and goofing around on the computer. I'm feeling a tad guilty that I worried her to such a degree that she'd call to check on me feeling like she does!

Plus, a bit disconcerted that THE NEIGHBORHOOD is aware of WHAT I'M UP TO AT NIGHT. EEKS! :)


DMLD said...

That is too funny. I am the same way. Last year, one night at 2:00 a.m. I decided to polish my kitchen floor. Ironically, that same night, all of my neighbors' cars were broken into. Mine wasn't.

I figure the culprits saw me in my jammies scrubbing away and didn't want to be chased down the street by the crazy lady with a mop. See, it pays to be insane sometimes.

Chris said...

Just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder....

Did you just say I'm INSANE?

Well, maybe I am. :)

So, my NEW story is that I was just up protecting my car.

Oh, that is GOOD. :)

Thanks for sharing your story! I really enjoyed it! :) And I don't think we are crazy at all. Just ignore my strange eye tick and twitching lip. :)

Daisy said... sorry to hear you son is sick again. That's just not fun. Hope he is better soon. As for staying up late--yeah, I've been there too. Time just kind of gets away from me sometimes. I'm not usually cleaning late at night though. :)

Chris said...

HI Daisy,

Now my older son is sick. It's just making the rounds through our household. Better one at a time, I guess.

I only cleaned a BIT. :) I was mostly goofing around online. :) Amazing how time flies when you are joking around with friends! :)

So glad you stopped by, Daisy! :)

BIBI said...

Haha! Sounds just like me. I clean laundry in the middle of the night, and play online scrabble. It was like looking in the mirror. Except my neighbor just happens to be my step mom! :)

BIBI said...

DMLD comment is too funny!

Chris said...


I challenge you to a game of SCRABBLE! ;)

BIBI said...

Haha! You'll probably beat me 'cause you have such a way with words.
Anyway, tell me when and where. I'll play you. :)

PS I am at a new URL.