Saturday, February 14, 2009

Step Away from the Rice

Today is Valentine's Day. Rob's been wanting General Tso's Chicken and since I am perfectly capable of buying a box of it at Sam's Club, I picked up a box today.

I forgot about the rice that would have to go with it. Rice and I are incompatible. Read here for proof! :)

But, I decided to just approach it head on. I got out the rice cooker. I located the rice. I even have a choice of clearly labeled rice types.

I decided to use the baggy of rice that was already open. So, I slide the zip lock at the top open and somehow spill rice all over the floor! A huge heaping mound of it! Fortunately, the collies find raw rice to be delicious.

So, once again, Rob took over the rice making for me. Can I just buy premade rice? :) I just don't get this at all!!! :) I think I may have some sort of rice phobia.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Oh heck! Well, who needs rice when you have CHICKEN! ha ha! :D

Ooops! Sorry about saying "heck." I just remembered that swearing isn't allowed on your blog. ;)