Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Much Is Too Much?

I am surrounded by sick people. My husband's been home for two days with the flu. What is it about men that have been home too long wanting to revamp certain housekeeping habits?

Really. What's up with that?

Did he lay on the couch thinking about the state of our pantry during his convalescence?

He was up and about and lurking in the kitchen as I started dinner tonight. I made a comment about how I've been trying to use up the food in the freezer and that's why our food bill this month has been so low. (At this point I was expecting kudos, of course).

He comments that he has heard that is the best thing to do when trying to stick to a budget. That is, eat the food you have before buying more. And then he rather pointedly looks in the pantry at the stack of Jello boxes.

He has a theory that if I would just use up all our Jello before buying more, our food budget would always be under control.


I debate this, of course. We have 3 kids. All have their favorite flavors. Kids that are sick and grumpy want "their" flavor. I don't care to argue at that point. I just stock the flavors they like. I like to be prepared. And I am stocking JELLO, for pete's sake, not gold bullion.

I mention this.

He looks at me somewhat askance.

And then (heaven help me), he starts counting Jello boxes. (Darn it, who stacked those so neatly?)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13- "STOP!" I yell in defeat! "OUT of the kitchen!" I demand!

He is going to work tomorrow with JELLO for lunch. :)


Summer said...

Feel your pain! When Tim wanders into the pantries giving advice-- my head explodes.

intrepidideas said...

Funny! At least let him get better before you kick him out of the house. Where's your compassion?

Chris said...

Hi Summer!
Is that what happens to my head? I've been finding pieces of it all day. :)

Chris said...

HI intrepidideas! :)

Compassion! HA! He's had 2 days of compassion. :)

And I really didn't make him take Jello to work today. I'm not so mean. :) BUT I THOUGHT ABOUT IT! :)

Daisy said...

I'm entirely with you on this one. You have to be prepared for whatever flavor you need!!

Hope all the sickies in your household are feeling better soon. My younger son was home sick the last two days but seemed some better tonight. I'm just hoping the rest of us don't get it too.

Next time hubby comes in trying to change your pantry supplies, hand him a big spoon or spatula or something and tell him you'd be happy to turn over the duties of cooking and buying groceries to him. HA HA! That ought to send him packing back to the couch. :D

intrepidideas said...

Okay, but did you serve him jello for (not with) dinner?

Chris said...

Oh, he got off easy. :) No Jello... yet! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sorry you are feeling yucki ... but at least you are eating well.

J E L L O !!!!!!!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

My cupboards look like a pilfered store. One can corn and some tomato soup.


Chris said...

Um... Speedy, I think you need to go to the grocery store before you are tempted to put that soup and the corn together! :)

With some JELLO on the side.

I have LOTS of JELLO. Need me to send you some? :) We have ALL flavors. :)

I feel tons better. I think you site today sent out enough giggles to make me feel better. Now that the fever is gone, though, will it still seem NORMAL? :)

Chris said...

HI DAISY!!!! :)

I like your devious plan! :)

Are you all feeling better in your household? I hope so! We are not quite done with this round of illness here.

I'm feeling the need to make some JELLO. :)

intrepidideas said...

Chris, you've been so busy taking care of others that you got the bug huh? Here's hoping you are feeling better...

Chris said...

Thanks, intrepidideas! :) We are all hale and hearty as of this AM! :)

But, I still might make some Jello today. :)