Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Adoption Story

Friday I wrote about my first memory which involved my parents adopting my brother Scott. Today I thought I'd tell you a little more about that story, mostly because I love it and it always makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too. :)

I've never asked why and the information was never volunteered, but my parents did not have biological children. After about 6 years of being married, they decided to adopt. My mom in particular had prayed about this decision for a very long time. Years.

So, they dutifully went through the long process. They filled out applications and people came to do home visits. They were approved. Now to wait for a baby.

They weren't particular. They just wanted a baby, boy or girl.

At the time, there were almost NO girls available for adoption at this agency. Pretty much just me, and I was supposed to go to a different family. My parents were thrilled with either a boy OR a girl, so of course they were slated to adopt a boy.

A minister that worked with the adoption agency stepped in and said that he believed I should go to my parents instead. It was very odd, but they SWITCHED me over to my parents. Maybe they felt it was a better match and just needed to hear someone else say it. But, I believe God was watching out for me.

And then 2 years later, my brother Scott was in foster care, aged 3 months old, and up for adoption. My parents were delighted to complete our family.

One day a year or so later, my mom was giving both of us a bath and she suddenly noticed that Scott and I have IDENTICAL birthmarks on our sides. IDENTICAL. When I was a teen, she told me that she felt shivery when she saw the birthmarks, like God was telling her that HE provided her family and it was all His plan.

It was very cool. Even though adopted, I have always felt a complete part of my family, like it was handpicked. It was such a good match in many ways, that I often thought the OPPOSITE of what biological kids think... instead of wondering if I was ADOPTED, I actually wondered if it wasn't all a big SCAM and I was really biological! :)


Daisy said...

Aw...sweet story, Chris. You definitely know that you were and are loved. How cool about the birthmarks too! Happy Monday to you! :D

intrepidideas said...

Lovely story... I definitely smiled! Thanks for sharing that remarkable piece of your life story with us!

Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

I always feel enveloped in a warm hug when I think of this story. :) I'm glad you liked it too!

Happy Monday to you as well! :) Stay WARM! brrr!

Chris said...

Hi intrepidideas!

I'm glad you smiled! :) I wondered what people would actually think when I posted this.

Have a great day! I am trying not to think about how lovely and warm it is in California!!!

Summer said...

What a neat story! I love blatant signs like that.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a cool story! Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

HI Summer!

It's always been my favorite family story. Now I have different favorites with my own kids, of course. But this one is still so special to me.

Chris said...

Hi Beth,

I thought the post on your blog today was incredible.

intrepidideas said...

Yeah, don't think about the weather out here.... Each year after the Rose Bowl/Parade thousands of people say they are going to move out here. Many of them do. Thus the traffic and high cost of living. Okay, we'll make an exception in your case! It was in the 70's today. :) Spring is near. Hang in there.

Chris said...

Gee, thanks, intrepidideas! Don't think I missed that reference to 70' weather! I AM SO JEALOUS! Seems like everyone I know around here is sick. We need some sunshine and warmer temps to thaw the sickness out of us! :)

I cold temps for exactly 3 months. THEN I'M DONE!

Fortunately, I can practically SMELL SPRING! :) I love that smell.

I used to live in Los Angeles. I'll just close my eyes and try to remember back all those years ago...

BIBI said...

WOW! I actually got goosebumps when I read your story.I am so glad that you decided to share that story. That is so sweet and I am so glad that you was handpicked for your mom and dad.
Just to have feeling of completeness with your family after being adopted speaks volumes. I now can see where you get your kind and tender soul from.
Love your Blog!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I love this story too ... and think maybe it was planned all along. I needed a happy post !!!
Thanks Chris :-)

Chris said...

Hi Bibi!

Hi Speedy!

Wow, I was ready to go to sleep for the night and I took one last look at my blog... only to discover your notes! What a great surprise! :)

Thanks for the very kind comments! You guys know how to make my heart glow. :)

TexasLauren77 said...

This is really an incredible story... God works in mysterious ways, but this is just more proof that he's got a plan! :)