Monday, February 16, 2009


Rob and I went shopping on Friday night. Let me just assure you that he was THRILLED with this activity. THRILLED. Really. I could barely restrain him from wanting to leave early and go to extra stores. Ahem.

So, after I used the cattle prod and got him in the car...

We went shopping for new dress clothes for him. His old dress pants were horrible. They desperately needed replaced. I'd been out during my day of leisure :) at the same store and I'd noticed a good sale.

We got there and I took him straight to the sale pants. He approved. He started trying them on. Now, for some unknown reason, he dislikes for me to browse while he's doing this. But, I did anyway. I'm like that. I found a FABULOUS peach-colored dress shirt and an AWESOME rather hip tie to go with it. It matched the new brown dress pants beautifully. I told him the shirt was orange. :)

We gathered up all our purchases (he let me include a brand-new purse ... wasn't that sweet?) ...

... and made our way to the cash register.

The cashier was looking a bit frazzled. It was Friday the 13th and evidently the loonies were out in force. So, we tried to be nice. Rob in particular was being charming. He's accustomed to calming down frazzled women. After all, he lives with ME. :)

So, I handed the cashier my % off coupon. She looked at it and then looked at our rather high total. Her eyes traveled over the people in our immediate vicinity. I thought this was rather odd. Then with a FLIRTATIOUS GIGGLE and a glance at ROB, she whipped out her EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT card and scanned it in so we saved an extra TWENTY DOLLARS.


I am taking Rob shopping MORE OFTEN.

He is NOT thrilled. :)

Anyone want to rent a Rent-A-Robert? :) He's worth the rental fee just for the extra savings you'll find shopping! :)


intrepidideas said...

"Rent a Robert" what a great idea. You could be onto something there. Maybe you should clone him and start a franchise. :) Nice purse.

BIBI said...

Bwahahaha. Chris that is too funny. You're almost as bad as Tia with the iHusband. LOL!

No seriously, you SHOULD take him shopping with you more often.

Chris said...

Hi intrepidideas! :)

I just hope there is a market for my new product! I wonder if I'll have to include a cattle prod... hee hee :)

That's my first nice purse in 3 years. I was really happy to find it. :)

Chris said...

Hi Bibi! :)

I'm so glad I know what you are talking about with Tia and her iHubs! I feel like I'm IN somehow! LOL

I'm still waiting for a rental offer. Maybe it could work like an auction since there's only one of him... :)

jennifer said...

That is fuuuunny! Not only could you rent him out you could charge a percentage of the savings!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ohhh my! I can only be in a store for ten minutes .... YIKES!!!

Nice luggage ((he hee))

Chris said...


Great idea! Wow! I could really be raking it in then! :) I wonder how Rob is going to react to this... He expressed earlier that he was mostly just interested in his hourly rate. Poor naive man. Women don't shop for an hour! Try HOURS. :)

Chris said...


LUGGAGE? Did you just call my first nice purse in YEARS a piece of luggage?

(stomping off in a huff)

Kidding! :)

I only bought it because there were Cadbury Eggs stuffed inside! :) I bet you would have bought it too!!! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Full of candy??? I would even wear the luggage in public.

Might get in a few fights, but I LOVE CADBURY !!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Hmmm.... I am picturing this....

Yep. I think you would good with this bag.

And you wouldn't get in any fights because you wouldn't be able to reply to ANY comments about your luggage. Why?

Because your mouth would be stuffed full of Cadbury Eggs! Really! There appear to be about 8 eggs in here... even one CHOCOLATE cream one.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You know, my brother used to have one of those fanny packs for his phone and wallets etc etc ...

I always asked him what was in his purse and he would get SOOO MAD!!

Just thought about that. HA haaaaaaaa !!!!

Chris said...

Your brother needs to GIVE YOU A PURSE. haHA!

You know the kind. One that would fit MARDY inside!

AWWW! That would be soooo cute!


Daisy said...

Such a funny post! HA HA! Poor Rob---a cattle prod, eh? I think you're going to have to give him a pretty big take of his rental fees in order to get him to go along with your new plan. Good luck with that--I think you're going to need it! :D

Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

Unfortunately, I think Rob's FEE is going to be cost prohibitive. DARN! I thought I had a viable plan here. :)

I think intrepidideas and his cloning idea has merit! :)