Monday, March 2, 2009

If You Are Ready for SPRING, Raise Your Hand!

Are you? Are you ready for SPRING? Because I AM!

I read about the gigantic snow storms on the coast and let me just assure you, BETTER THERE THAN HERE.

I LOVE snow, but we've had enough this year, thank you very much. Plus, it is MARCH.

I want to see new green sprouts of grass.

I want to see daffodils filling the flower boxes.

I want to see baby bunnies hopping madly across the lawn.

I want to go hiking on my favorite trail and see everything lush and green again.


I can't WAIT!


Summer said...

Spring is my favorite season. I'm excited b/c my daffodils have started blooming. YAH.

DMLD said...

FYI - I live in Rhode Island 16 inches from last night through today - schools closed yet again! NO ONE is more done with this weather than me!

Just when we started to see grass we got this storm - it is so deep we had to shovel paths for Little Miss B because it was so far over her head.

Stay warm and take care

Speedcat Hollydale said...


Maybe if we all blog about spring, it will come early ((smile))
I feel like I have been locked in a cabin for months - writing about chickens.
err, I guess that's true ...

he heee!

Chris said...

Summer!! I am jealous that you have flowers popping up already!!! We are hopefully expecting warm (very warm!) temps this weekend, so fingers crossed for FLOWERS starting! :) It's 13' right now but in two days it'll be 50'. I can practically FEEL the warm sun now!

Hi DMLD! :) Yep, you have me beat on "hoping for spring" front! 16 inches! WOWZA! Poor Miss B! Hang in there!!

Speedy!!! :) I thought maybe the chickens got ya! :) Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Daisy said...

HA! I've got BOTH hands raised in the air. (Sure is hard to type that way! ha ha!)

Bring on the spring! :D