Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Golly, Miss Dolly!

Well, well, well. You learn ALL KINDS of things about people at the gym.

I previously posted about the friend I scared while she was on the stationary bike.

She bided her time, but last Thursday, she hid in the changing rooms and jumped out at me as I was walking into the pool room... right as I was walking past a mirror (thinking no one was around) and adjusting my suit. Okay, okay, so MAYBE I deserved that after giving her several gray hairs last week.

But, you know, I couldn't let it rest there...

After working out in the pool, some of us got in the hot tub. I LOVE the hot tub. It was a bit crowded and we were all talking a mile a minute.

So, Sherri is talking and I glance at her... and I notice her suit TOP has BALLOONED up so much that it is ABOUT TO TOUCH HER CHIN. All those little air bubbles in the hot tub have apparently collected in one central location and they are giving her QUITE THE ENHANCED LOOK!

Now, being a good friend, I turned away so I could laugh and not make her feel awkward. And I really meant to tell her! Really!

But, as it happened, she looked down and noticed first. I believe because the huge "chest suit bubble" touched her chin or impaired her ability to speak.


Oh, I'm gonna pay for this post.

Here's her new pic on Facebook (she chose it herself!!):

I think she's enjoying the harassment, don't you? I mean, really! She's just ASKING for the nickname of DOLLY! :)


Summer said...

heehee. That's funny.

BIBI said...

LOL! This friend of yours sound like a load of laughs. I love it!
I need to join your gym Chris to get a laugh or two everyday! :)


Daisy said...

Chest suit bubble!!! HA HA! :D