Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just WHAT Was IN That Cake?

One of my dearest friends was having a birthday and I begged her to let me bake the cake. I don't make the most beautiful cakes, but I sure have fun doing them! And THIS time something amazing and new happened!

But, you have to wait for that detail. :)

I didn't have much time to come up with a theme for this cake, and who really wants to be reminded of a number when you get past 40? NOT ME! :) So, I decided to make the inside of the cake worthy of being fifty-ONEderful and not the outside. The outside can be 39 forever. :) I just made sure I used her favorite colors.

See the first pic? The cake matches her shirt. :) Favorite colors.

But here was the yummy part... it had THREE layers. I love a tall cake!

Strawberry / french vanilla swirl cake
layer of chocolate icing
Dark chocolate fudge cake
layer of chocolate icing
Strawberry / french vanilla swirl cake

All smothered in a buttercream frosting. I used LOTS of frosting. MMMMMMMMMM

Here's what it looked like after we demolished half of it:

And now for the best part. I never care if anyone actually thanks me for a cake. I just want to know that they LIKED it. So, I'm sitting at the table, ready to dig in, when I hear strange noises coming from across the table. VERY strange noises. LIKE MOANING. I glance over and notice that one of the guests has already eaten half of his cake. I was startled, so I was a bit tactless and said, "Dan, are you MOANING?" It was so cute because he laughed a bit self-consciously and just KEPT EATING.

I've never made a man moan over a cake before. :)

Maybe I should start serving more cake! :)


Summer said...

That looks so yummy.

BIBI said...

MMMMMMMM.... It looks absolutely DELICIOUS. Remind me when my b-day comes around, (it's October 10 *hint hint*) to order a cake from you.

Or at least get the recipe. If the hubby moans over your cake, you are most definitely allowed to publish the video on your blog! LOL!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

WOW! So impressive!!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...
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Daisy said...

That must have been some cake!! :D

Looks yummy!

DMLD said...

I happily accept any and all cake deliveries to my home - especially one that looks that good and makes people MOAN! :)


intrepidideas said...

The proof is in the eating! You Rock! Great job on the cake!

Chris said...

Summer - Thanks! :)

Bibi - I might be convinced to deliver to VA. I have a friend who's occasionally in Richmond. :)

Ms. Florida - That was nice of you to say! :) Thanks for the link!

Daisy - Yeah, I plan to bake it again. :) hehe

DMLD - I think you have to be somewhat cake deprived to actually MOAN, but it was rather good. :)

intrepidideas - Thanks! I rock? WOW! :) I'm never that cool! :)

DMLD said...

FYI - tagged you in my blog today!

AND I'm still waiting for that cake!

TexasLauren77 said...

Ummmm....WOW!!! Will you ship one of those to Texas?!?! That cake looks amazing!!! :)