Monday, August 18, 2008

Just so I don't forget...

Last evening someone paid me the nicest compliment. I am recording it here so that I don't forget... and so that on a day that isn't going so well...I can come back and revel in it. :)

It was all due to a name I've detested my whole life. Christine. I am ALWAYS being called Christine. So, even though it is a perfectly good name, I don't like it at all. MY NAME IS NOT CHRISTINE.

The minister who MARRIED Rob and me even called me Christine. Repeatedly. During the CEREMONY. I almost stomped out. :) Even worse, it was Rob's minister uncle doing the ceremony and he had known me for YEARS. If you can't pronounce my name, please at least just call me Chris. I TRY to make it easy.

I was telling my friend the story of how I was married with the wrong name and he said that it didn't matter because the name was beautiful and ME. Well, how NICE WAS THAT?

Mind you, I know he was full of it (and not wearing his glasses AND possibly looking at someone else). But, I'll take it anyway. :) When you get (way) past 40, you don't hear that kind of thing every day! :)

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