Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best Toy Ever...Because YOU NEVER KNOW!

Yesterday I stopped at Target. I am a Target addict. I sometimes think I could live at Target! :) Well, not really, but it sure is a fun place to be!

I was doing my usual scrounging for 75% off clearance deals when I spotted 2 Totes umbrellas in cool BOY colors for only $4.48 each. I LOVE umbrellas for 75% off...and Matt and Thomas both needed a new one for walking home from school.

So, I gave the boys their new umbrellas. Matt (being 6) was ENTHRALLED. He was so cute. He couldn't get over how you could push a button and release the umbrella...then push it AGAIN and have it close back up! OH MY! Amazing! We had to test it repeatedly. Good thing we were in a stationary vehicle because we tested it out the window. :)

Fortunately, the new super cool umbrella came with a string on the end of the high quality BAMBOO handle that can be attached to a belt. :) OH THE JOY! And even is made of 70% recycled materials! It just got better and better!

Now the umbrella can go on hikes with us. Because, you never know when you will be caught in the rain! So, it went on yesterday's evening hike. Matt carried it for 2 miles because (again) YOU NEVER KNOW.

Today it went to our church picnic with us....because it rained on us last year....and you never know! :)

Right now Matt is sitting on a recliner and watching TV...and holding his umbrella...because this is an old house with weak ceilings....and YOU NEVER KNOW! :)

I just love how he always makes me smile. :)

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