Friday, August 29, 2008

Because I Am a MEAN MEAN MEAN Wife :)

DH is lame. Like a horse. An OLD horse. So, I told him I was going to arrange to have him shot.

Oh, he knows I am kidding. :) We laughed. After he got over being SHOCKED. :) He's usually the one to come up with the jokes around here.

But, I keep mentioning it and now I think he is wondering if he should be worried! ha!

Actually, even limping around on a bad knee, he is proving to be useful, so he's not going to be put out to pasture just yet. :)

And yes, I am enjoying this a little tooooo much.

He has knee surgery next week and a friend offered him a LARGE BELL with which to SUMMON ME when he needs me. Right.

Rob laughed. As he should. He knows me. He told his friend that the bell was more likely to summon our DOGS than his WIFE.

I'm really just trying to keep DH cheerful by joking around through this. He's in a lot of pain. I feel quite terrible for him. But, in this situation, some laughter eases the pain, I hope. And I WILL be at his beck and call after the surgery...just not to the tune of a LARGE BELL! :)


Christine said...

Ah, see, you should tell him that you're not going to put him down, yet. Because old, lame racehorses get put out to stud, right?

That could work out for BOTH of you ;)

Mom of Three said...

Okay, I made Rob limp over to the computer to read your comment. He did so in some trepidation. :)

However, upon reading it, he said, "I like her SO MUCH."

So, you have a new fan. :) A limping fan, but a new fan nonetheless. :)