Monday, July 7, 2008

To the Vet, to the Vet, to the Vet Vet Vet

My sable collie, Harley, goes to the vet every three days for a new bandage on his leg. He's been just great all through the long ordeal of fixing his crooked leg (broken before we were his family by an Amish buggy).

Dr. Radcliffe took a wedge of bone out of the weight-bearing bone in his leg and straightened it out. He then attached a steel rod to the outside and bolted it to the bone in 2 places. It was an amazing process.

Harley was doing really well and then he developed an infection in the bone of his leg (this often happens when you have a steel rod attached). We were so worried! But, after 2 rounds of antibiotics, he is back on the road to recovery. The leg is almost normal-sized instead of horribly swollen. I am so relieved.

Harley is feeling really good now for the first time in weeks. He should be getting the steel rod out within the next 2 weeks. You should have seen him showing off today at the vet's office. He is the kind of dog that just loves everyone. It was pretty funny because even though I was attached to the other end of his leash, Harley looked like he belonged to a dad and his 2 daughters that were fawning all over him. I am just watching in amusement and trying to keep Harley from climbing on their laps (he's 85 pounds), when a new guy walks in and comments on what "babe magnet" Harley seems to be. I think of him more as a "kid magnet" because of Lassie and all, but I still found the comment quite amusing!

Here he is getting his bandage changed today. He's a real angel for the whole process. You can barely see the steel rod on the underside of his leg. It's quite an intimidating looking apparatus.


bash said...

Poor doggy. I broke my ankle in two places last Memorial Day and I know how painful and inconvenient it is. Imagine how much worse to not understand what's happening to you.

Mom of Three said...

Thanks for the comment! :) Now my blog doesn't feel so lonely. :)

Sometime you will have to tell me how you broke your ankle. Sounds painful. :(