Friday, July 4, 2008

Sparkler Night

What a great night! 100 fireworks and 144 sparklers was had by all! The rain finally stopped and we got together with two neighbor families. What a display of fireworks! :) I was so glad the day wasn't a complete fizzle (due to the drizzle).

We bought fireworks but the neighbors went to one of those firework tent places and got GOOD ones. Wow! What a nice surprise.

I didn't realize how creatively some of the better fireworks are named. We all liked the "Icy Black Hand of Death" for scare factor. But, the "Naughty Crocodile" turned out to be the most shocking noise and light show! It was great. (Although, it is possible the person lighting that "Death" firework had read too much Calvin & Hobbes and was pulling one over on us with the name.)

Men seem to turn into BOYS when it comes to fireworks. It's really rather cute, in an eyeball rolling sort of a way. :) One dad bought not one but TWO of those eternal smoke fireworks. The really really smelly kind. Let me assure you that they really do seem ETERNAL... especially if you are downwind of the odor! At one point a certain wannabe comedian dad was yelling, "GET TO THE CHOPPER" in an Arnold S. voice. You know, like in the movie "Predator." The kids just thought the voice was funny and running through the smoke was hilarious. What a night.

And as if we weren't already up late enough and having enough fun, the kids decided they just had to play flashlight tag before bed. I just love all the memories we create on nights like tonight!

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