Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Day After

The day after a trip to Idlewild Amusement Park...

I woke up feeling REALLY old. I hobbled down the hall wondering why my FOOT, of all things, hurt. Then I remembered the way I used my feet to brace myself on "The Whip" ride, and it became obvious. We'll go with that. I'm not old or anything. :) That could not possibly be the reason. :)

We had a ball. Taking 5 kids to an amusement park is a wild ride in itself, especially when two of them are SIX.

We rode nearly every ride and enjoyed a quick dip in the ARCTIC pool. I have ice cubes in my freezer that are warmer than the water in that pool! Sarah is used to those kinds of water temps from swim team, but the rest of us were turning blue. Brrr!

The highlights of the day included riding the "Wild Mouse" roller coaster (absolutely adorable mouse cars + lots of screaming = terrific time). Really, how can you not have fun on a ride called the "Wild Mouse?" Then the kids begged and whined and begged and whined some more TRYING to get me to ride the "Spider." The very THOUGHT of that ride gives me heart palpitations. Really. Sarah and Thomas and I went on it a few years back and we went into a WILD spin as soon as the ride started that DID NOT STOP until they finally let us off (which took at least one lifetime). So, I was understandably reluctant to try it again. I surprised them all by taking all five kids on it as our very last ride. OH, THE HAPPINESS! :) This time it was a normal ride and I even got it spinning on purpose just so I could yell, "STOP THE SPINNING" and make Thomas laugh as I threatened to squish him. I owed him for telling me that I was weighing down my side of the spider. Ahem.

The trip home was interesting. We hit a traffic jam. I even asked AAA before we went if they knew of any traffic issues on I-70. Oh well. It provided some entertainment. After going only 5 miles in 90 minutes, we actually passed a construction worker with a big sign that said, "SLOW." I laughed so hard that I woke up all the kids. OOOPS! They thought it was funny too. But, not as funny as the NEXT worker (one mile and 15 minutes later) holding the OTHER sign saying, "SLOW" case we missed it the first time. Oh my! There was no sleeping after that! We pulled in at 11:30 PM with a van load of energized kids.

So, our day ended in much hilarity and high spirits. I can't wait for our trip to Kennywood in August!

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