Monday, July 7, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

We have started playing tennis at our neighborhood tennis court. It's really fun even though we are all quite TERRIBLE at it! :) Tom seems to think I am part GIRAFFE when he serves. Sarah thinks I am part GAZELLE. HA! I think not! MORE LIKE PART HIPPO!!! :) I am sure we make the people sitting on porches around the court laugh. We certainly carry on ourselves. Anyway, it has been a good time.

Today it's supposed to be 86', so we got to the court early. We are all improving at a snail's pace, but still, improving. At one point I ran madly toward the ball, gave a wild swing...and LOST THE BALL? Where did it go? I was looking every which way when I noticed the supposedly supportive family members on the other side of the court doubled over in laughter. Seriously, they could barely speak. So, I go into my very best MOM pose of hand on hip and the foot a-tappin' and I happen to swing my racket into my line of vision.

You guessed it. The BALL is STUCK in the racket. Not in the strings, but in the V at the top of the handle.

Oh, I did glare at those hysterical boys, but then I burst into laughter too. How could I not? I felt like the person who looks all over for a pair of glasses only to find them on top of her head! But I'll admit it, I was rather proud of that swing! :)

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