Friday, February 5, 2010

What is it about me that screams, "CLEARANCE RACK?"

I was shopping at some local outlet stores and I walked by a store that I have never been in. Hmmm... They had a FINAL DAYS CLEARANCE sign in the window. WELL! Not one to pass up FINAL DAYS, I walked inside. :)

It was a Columbia Sportswear store. Now, I just bought my son a winter coat for $15 at JC Penney that was regularly $80. I was in DEEP CLEARANCE MODE. So, I walk through the Columbia store, thinking of buying my daughter a new (warmer) coat, and it becomes QUICKLY obvious that my idea and Columbia's idea of FINAL DAYS CLEARANCE differ greatly.

I just want to mention here that I didn't (for once) look scruffy. I have on a rather nice Cabella's coat and my good (non-scuffed) purse. I am relatively dog hair free (with three large beasts at home, this is a feat in itself). I am even holding large bags (showing that I'm obviously willing to spend!).

So, I am browsing. Salespeople offer to help. I decline. I continue to browse. I work my way back to the front door b/c I am obviously out of my price range.

BUT WAIT! They have suddenly identified me as A CLEARANCE SHOPPER and direct my gaze to the newly marked down CLEARANCE RACK. It is SO SPECIAL that employees are not allowed to purchase from it. WOW! (riiight) But, I start looking. I note the 75% off sign. I spy ... BOOTS! :)

It was really funny because I gushed, evidently loudly, over the rack to such a degree that there was a stampede to it by every other person in the store. I was lucky to drag my loot over to the register before someone else grabbed it! I mean, I nabbed $80 boots for $12.50! COLUMBIA boots. AND a pair of ski pants for my daughter that she's been begging for that were $100... for $15!!! That's like a TARGET clearance price! (And boy, do I love Target clearance!) When I left, the other shoppers had nearly emptied the rack. It was rather amazing. I felt like I'd won or something! :) How much do I love finding things we really need at rock bottom prices? A LOT!

It was perfect timing, too, because now we are expecting something like a foot or more of snow tonight and I see SLED RIDING in our future! :)


Daisy said...

Sounds like you hit the jackpot, Chris!! What a bargain hunter you are. :D I love finding good deals like that too. Hope you are staying warm and that you and your family have fun if you go sledding this weekend. I bet your daughter was excited about her new ski pants.

Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

Rob would say I only found a good deal if there was $20 in the pocket of those ski pants! :) It's possible I may have spoiled him with bargains. :)

Sarah is still a bit sick, so I'm not sure she even registered the pants, but no matter on the pants. I plan to lose enough weight to fit into them MYSELF and then she'll be too embarrassed to wear them... they'll be like MOM JEANS. :)

Hope you stay warm too! This storm is amazing! Today I'm really glad I'm not in, oh, say Baltimore! BRRR! 2 feet of snow is a bit much!