Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tale of Woe... of Snow and Amazon and Cheese

14 snowy days in a row... 3 snowbound kids... uh-oh!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But an Amazon box, filled with books for the tots.

Thank you, Mr. Mailman and Amazon, for saving the day! It was AWESOME! I could already hear the peace! And quiet! (A sound that quite possibly, after 14 days, felt better than having a entire bag of Dove chocolates all to myself. Possibly. Let's not get crazy.) ;)

So, in the excitement of delving into the Amazon box and parceling out treasure, I forgot about lunch. Cooking. On the stove.

Sniff. Sniff, SNIFF!

Would that be BURNING grilled cheese sandwiches? Tomato soup boiling over?

No problem. I can scrape off char.

In the process of scraping, bubbling cheese oozed out and severely burned my hand.

In my anxiety (and blinding pain) to get the sandwich on a plate and off my hand, I pushed a different sandwich onto the floor.

I was left holding the burning hot UNscraped sandwich while the scraped and ready-to-serve sandwich plopped on the floor.

Now you know why my golden retriever loves me. And why my family asks if dinner is done when the smoke alarm goes off. ;)

And why we better have school tomorrow. ;)


Daisy said...

Golly! I do hope you have school tomorrow. Sounds like things are getting dangerous there! Hope your hand is OK.

Goodies in the mail are always fun, but especially when you're suffering from winter doldrums and cabin fever. I bet the kids were excited about getting new books.

I'm still trying to think some sunshine your way! :)

Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

I think (finger crossed) that the kids will have a half day tomorrow. I'm afraid to hope! ;)

My hand is fine. :) I'm just a big baby. :)

Thanks for trying to send the sun! I MISS IT! ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...


I would have ate the floor sammie, but I guess the dog is happy. Here dogs eat off plates just like me. Mardy likes pizza rolls ;-)

Hi Daisy!

Chris said...

Hey Speedy!

Trust me, I THOUGHT about eating the floor sammie myself, but I didn't mention what it landed on... I've been cleaning out the garage and had a bag with some unidentifiable GOO sitting there, ready to be washed. What are the odds? Evidently, 1:1! ;)

Daisy said...

Hi Speedy! :-)

ha ha ha!

Hi Chris! :D

Happy weekend you two!

Chris said...

Same to you, Daisy! We saw the sun today in WV!! THANK YOU! ;)

Daisy said...

HA! You're quite welcome, but I guess I can't really take credit for that one. Glad to hear you're having some nicer weather. :-)

intrepidideas said...

Talk about going stir crazy huh? Never fear, Spring is near! Hang in there...

Chris said...

Thanks, intrepidideas! ;) Why don't you just send some of that sunshine this way? I know you have it out your way and I AM JEALOUS!!! :)

Stir crazy? Just a bit. And just until some more ice melts. At least all the icicles are off the house. One local guy died when a 300# icicle fell off a building and hit his head. It was awful.

Yeah, we need some sun!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

If your done with the books now I will take them ...

Chris said...

Really? You want a copy of Shoe Addicts Anonymous? How... odd... of you, Speedy! :) hahhaha

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I like hiking boots and golf shoes, and they are in a giant mound a piles out in the study. I just can't seem to throw any away ...

Chris said...

OH MY GOSH! Did I just see the words "throw away" and "shoes" in the SAME SENTENCE??

Hang on.

(hyperventilating into paper bag)

Okay now. As long as you didn't ACTUALLY throw any away... just thought about it, we can find you some help. ;)