Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, it's a tick. Just a tiny little bug. Doesn't it look small and defenseless? Really, nothing to freak out over.


Really, just looking at one in a picture... no problem. Wait until you are getting ready for a shower and you discover one on your ARM... ATTACHED AND GETTING READY to FEAST. I may have screamed. Ahem.


I have my husband to thank for this. He took the boys fishing and found a nest of ticks. Matt (age 7) was horrified, even though none of these things actually attached to him.


I was the only lucky one that had one actually attached... and I DID'T GO FISHING!

How is it POSSIBLE that with FOUR LARGE HAIRY DOGS roaming around, the tick would find ME? Rest assured, all dogs will be bathed today and will receive tick meds! ICK ICK!

What is it about knowing you had a tick YESTERDAY that makes you ITCH everywhere TODAY?

In case you can't tell, as often as I've hiked in the woods, built forts, etc, this is only the SECOND TICK I've ever had and the FIRST that ever ATTACHED. EWWW!

Matt just walked up behind me and in a rather devilish voice said, "TICKS ARE EVIL." He's so funny. He didn't even know what I was typing. He was just still responding to the trauma of finding himself in a nest of them yesterday.

So you can live my pain (because I'm thoughtful that way)...


Daisy said...

YIKES!!! HA HA HA! Chris that wasn't cute at ALL!!! Now I feel itchy too!

Happy Sunday to you! :D

Chris said...

I know, isn't it awful! I'm afraid to run my fingers through my hair! I'm making Rob check it tonight. ICK ICK ICK!!!

Rob grew up on a farm. He doesn't mind creepy crawly things at all. Right now, I am so grateful! :)

Doctor Shoal said...

When I was I child, often I would come home (living in the country) with LOTS of ticks. My record was 24 at once.

Being a young medical enthusiast, the ticks were removed with a scalpel and lap sponges

Chris said...


I cannot even comprehend the horror!!!

I'm ITCHING even MORE now... just thinking about that!!!

Hey, did you get my BILL? :) Might want to get right on that... interest and all, ya know. :)

Chris said...


When you were a child?

You mean, like 10-15 years ago? I saw those new pics of you as a spring chicken! :)

TexasLauren77 said...

I'm probably going to dream about ticks tonight, and slap myself silly in my sleep every time I feel the slightest movement! When I first got Sally from the shelter, she had 3 ticks in one ear, and I had to remove them... I had to google the subject to figure out how to do it. One day I'll have to write a blog post about was traumatic! *shudder!*

Chris said...

Hi Lauren!

I sure hope you were able to sleep last night! :)

I'm still feeling a bit itchy, myself, but there have been no further tick sightings... THANK GOODNESS!

I'd really enjoy hearing your story! I think you were VERY brave to take those things off by yourself! EEEEWWWW!

intrepidideas said...

I'm in the ichy club too. Ticks like sweet people better. You won!