Friday, April 3, 2009

Everyone Needs a Pair of Bunny Ears!

Everyone needs bunny ears! They make you HAPPY!

My friend Sherri bought these yesterday at Cracker Barrel. Then she made the mistake of showing them to me on our way to the gym. WELL! I thought we should immediately have a photo shoot in the parking lot! It was SUCH a gorgeous day.

I'm really glad we did take pics, because it's rainy and overcast today and I needed a reminder of the sunshine. I was planning to go take picture of the daffodils blooming up at Oglebay Park today, but the rain nixed that. The flowers are so beautiful! What a perfect sign of spring! I can't wait to go see them all in bloom!


Summer said...

Agreed. Bunny ears make everyone very happy!

Chris said...

Hey Summer! This bunny delivers hard-boiled eggs or eggs with $$ in them... NO SUGAR. haha

intrepidideas said...

I'm Happy! But I still need to get me a pair of those ears! Then I can say - "What's up Doc?" In character. Looks like it was a great day. Does that mean that Spring is finally there?

Chris said...

Hi intrepidideas!

Yes, you DO need a pair of these ears! And it just so happens that they make them with a BLUE hat. :) How manly! :)

YES! Spring is HERE! I refuse to believe otherwise. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...


Looks like something someone "I" know might do .... ;-)

Great post Chris - you look very Easterish
Happy weekend !!!!

Chris said...

Hey Speedy!

I hope I don't see that HAT on someone else in the near future! :)

I think bunny ears are GREAT and EVERYONE should have a pair. You are missin' out!! :)

BIBI said...

Nothing like some bunny ears to make you feel like spring is in the air! Hahaha! love the pic.

Now little trinity wants a pair as well!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I was having problems with my old top commenter widget all the time so I scraped it ... but seem to have found one that works today.

Guess what?

YOU are number #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for being a good friend to the Speedcat Hollydale Page

Speedy :-)

Chris said...

HI Bibi! Cracker Barrel has them! :) They are a blast! :)

Chris said...

Speedy, I don't see how it is POSSIBLE that I could be the #1 commentor! Still, it's a nice thing. :) Always happy to be a friend. :) But, I do recognize that Amanda, Olga, Daisy, & Wendster's comments must not have been counted! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

It counts "RECENT" comments only ... and they have been lost in the blogospheres.

HA HAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(where did they go) ????

Chris said...

Where DID they go? I BET YOU KNOW!!! :) You're not keeping them held captive are you?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

HA HAA!!!!!!!!!

.... and yes, I do know where they are at.


Chris said...

Um... should I be worried? Or, is there a party I don't know about? That Hollydale is always hoppin' (get it, HOPPIN'... bunny ears... okay, okay....) :)

TexasLauren77 said...

Love the ears, Chris! I would have needed a photo op, too! ;)

Daisy said... look so cute, Chris! What fun!

Hope you and your family have a very happy Easter! :D