Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did Ye Know Yon Pirates Can't Sing?

As part of County Chorus, Thomas received a pirate eye patch. He was to wear it during their pirate song.

So, why are none of the kids wearing the patches over their eyes?

Alas, a good question, observant mateys!

I pondered that very question and asked my son to explain.

"Well, Mom," he said, "The music teacher had us wear them properly at first, but then she told us to just wear them above our eyes because WE SOUNDED BETTER WITH THEM OFF of our EYES."

Because, you know, EVERYONE, especially a pirate, hears notes better when they can SEE.


Summer said...

Sounds better with them off their eyes? hmmm. That's strange.

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! That made me laugh. They sound better that way, eh? ha ha ha ha ha! :D

Chris said...

Hi Summer! Really? You think that is strange? How odd. Seems so NORMAL to me. hahahahaha

Hi Daisy! Well, they did sound pretty good! Maybe she had a point! I have to admit, I've been laughing about it too! :)

Jane said...

I wonder if Ray Charles would have sounded better if he could see?