Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pink Socks...Doesn't Everyone Need a Pair?


Well, in all my laundry-filled (or so it seems) life, I have NEVER pulled out anything PINK that should be WHITE from the washing machine.


Thomas is rather quietly appalled, shall we say. :) Although, being the nice boy that he is, he was going to wear the pink socks and not comment. :)

What happened was that mom gave me an "old" blanket. It was from grandma so she didn't know its history, but it did look well-worn. It is coral-colored. CORAL. Evidently, it bleeds PINK. :) OOOOPS again! I was just so sure it had been washed a gazillion times and would be just fine.

Well, at least I have a "new" blanket that makes me smile every time I look at it! :) After all, the socks can be fixed, thank goodness. At least I think they can be. I've never done this before! :)

You should hear Matt giggling over his pink socks. He thinks it is just hilarious that MOM MESSED UP! :)

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