Thursday, May 1, 2008

Matt's First Field Trip

We are entering the end of the school year and it is FIELD TRIP time. OH MY. It is one field trip after another. ST&M are having such fun!

Matt woke up at the crack of dawn on Friday because it was his FIRST field trip AND his FIRST TIME ON A SCHOOL BUS! What excitement!!! He got dressed REALLY fast because he had his outfit picked out and color coordinated on Tuesday. I think he was awake with the birds because he was so afraid of MISSING the bus (which wasn't leaving for the field trip until at least 30 minutes AFTER he usually gets to school, but he was taking no chances!) He also gave me explicit instructions on how to pack his lunch down to the last detail: how to write his name on the bag! Because, you know, I may have forgotten how to spell it or something. :) He's so cute.

Of course, we had major discussions on every last bit of itinerary as well. First they were going to Cabela's. Then over to Petco for a chat about small furry creatures. Then to the park for lunch and playtime. I had to admit, it sounded like fun. HOWEVER, Matt kept talking about the "stuffed animals" he was going to see at Cabela's and hoping they were like Webkinz.

Now, Cabela's is a HUNTING store. A humungous hunting store, but still, a HUNTING store. Somehow I was not thinking that they were stocking Webkinz or any other furry creature stuffed with polyester and covered with FABRIC.

Matt ABSOLUTELY did NOT believe me that the animals at Cabela's were covered in REAL SKIN. "Real skin? NO WAY, MOM!" He was SURE that could not be! Mind you, I have been to this store and seen the animals there! They really do have an enormous museum of hunted animals. Not my cup of tea, but this is West Virginia so I mostly keep my own counsel on the subject of hunting. I was really wondering what Matt was going to think after viewing all those "stuffed" animals!

Well, he came home all amazed because MOM WAS RIGHT. Ahhhhh! I do TREASURE those words! :) Maybe I should get him to say them again and tape them...for later replaying at about age 16. :)

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