Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Sarah Turned Her Mom's Hair (More) Gray


Sarah as Soccer Goalie

First, some background...

Sarah's soccer team has only won one game all season. Today was game number 10. We were playing over in St. Clairsville and it was a beautiful but very very windy afternoon. Plus, the middle of the field was like a lake. So, there were challenges!

Sarah's team was ON. They were zipping around the field and showing some really neat footwork. I think their coach even had some voice left by the end of this game since the girls didn't need as much direction as usual.

It's last quarter. It's tied. Then Sarah goes in as goalie.

Suddenly the score is one up - our favor. A miracle! But, a sudden score by St. C. ties it back up. Sarah is REALLY bummed.

Another solid St. C. kick at the goal and Sarah blocks it! Honestly, it brought ooohs and ahhhhs from the crowd since it was a hard kick! I was so proud.

It's the last minute of the game. We are ahead again and St. C. makes one last attempt at a goal. Fancy footwork and desperate measures at the goal line! Sarah dives after the ball and SAVES THE DAY!

Oh, I was SO HAPPY for her!!!! :) I couldn't care less that they won, I was just happy that she could be happy about the last play of the game.

I hope that is the last time she plays goalie. Honestly, I have enough gray hair as it is! :)

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