Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adam and Eve and Driving to Soccer

The things the children talk about on the way to soccer...always interesting...sometimes bizarre.

Matt (age 6): Isn't it amazing how our skin is made of dirt?
Mom: Really. Do you mean dust?

Obviously, they are talking about Genesis in Sunday School.

We then determined that Eve actually only received one RIB not an entire ribcage. This required much debate.

So, I am smiling and suddenly...

I turned onto the road going up to the soccer field and saw a HUGE SNAKE crossing the road. I'm talking 10 - 15 feet. Or so. (grin) Really. Just enormous. And it had its head up in the air like it was really going somewhere! It was halfway across the road!

I SHRIEKED! I SWERVED the car! After all, the passenger side window was OPEN! EEEEKS!

I guess I was thinking COBRA. :) I seriously doubt it could have slithered up the side of the car into the passenger seat, but I WAS NOT RATIONAL. After all, IT WAS A HUGE SNAKE. Maybe 30 feet.

All was well and I protected the young ones in the car from the snake threat. :) Did I mention it was HUGE? :) Maybe 40 feet!

Ironic that we pass a snake after a discussion about Adam and Eve! All that was missing was an apple or two! :)

Anyway, this is my semi-amusing tale for the day.

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