Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bereft Without You (or Water!)

Rob is making fun of me for using the word "bereft" to our 11-year-old son. Thomas was invited to go on vacation with a friend's family and he called from the resort. I told him we were bereft without him. He's a smart kid. I think he got it. He certainly didn't miss a beat in saying, "I miss you too, mom."

I love that boy!

But, now I get to enjoy the rest of the day with Rob fitting the word "bereft" into each and every sentence he utters (and he utters a LOT of them, trust me!) Don't think he can do it? Oh, don't challenge the man!

The problem is, he thinks it is ENDEARING.

(eyes rolling)

Okay, well, maybe it is. A little. :) He does make me laugh!

Oh, and to clear the record... remember my Mother's Day and the, shall we call it, LACK of celebration? Ahem. Well, I went and bought hanging baskets and he has watered them for me EVERY day all month. I think he's reprieved. :)


Daisy said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job teaching your son new words and increasing his vocabulary, Chris.

Glad to hear hubby is keeping the flowers watered too---as it should be! HA HA! ;)

You wouldn't want your flowers to be bereft without water, after all! ha ha ha! (sorry I couldn't resist)

Chris said...

Ah, Daisy, that was so CLEVER! LOVE IT! I changed the title in your honor. :)

Hey, did I ever tell you I started out grad school in library media? I SOOOO wanted YOUR job! :) I switched over to education just to get an assistantship so it would be FREE. (Free is GOOD!) :)

Btw, don't you miss Speedy? I am bereft. (hehe)

(Also, thanks for the compliment! I used to teach vocabulary and writing (6th grade)... I love words...I want my kids to enjoy them as well!!)

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! I love it! I feel quite honored. :D

Pretty soon I may not have a job to want, Chris! HA! Oh well. Things happen for a reason, I suppose. And yes free is good indeed! I definitely agree with that one.

I do miss Speedy. I am quite bereft without him--HA! I went over and cleaned his blog for him today. His maid apparently is on vacation and he has kind of let things go over there since he's been gone. It was a mess! There were bacon bits and chicken feathers and doughnuts and Tim Tams and who knows what all else over there in his comment box. :D

Chris said...

I hope you put all those bits of food in a box for Eric. I'm sure he'd want them... maybe for chicken feed at his new place! :) hehe

And yes, I agree! The whole blogosphere is bereft without Speedy! He's like GLUE keeping it all together! He better come back b4 it all falls apart!

I'm so sorry about your job situation, Daisy. I know you love what you do. I am hoping it's just temporary and funding will come through again. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

BIBI said...

I totally agree with you on using big words with the children to increase their vocabulary. Love it!

Aren't the hubbies funny that way?!? I take his teasing with a grain of salt. It's his term of endearment.

DMLD said...

My hubs makes fun of the words I use too. Only my son (14 years old, BTW) is not as quick as yours. He usually looks at me with that confused face and says. "What does that word mean?"