Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucky Days

I am so happy today! I just got back from what I HOPE is one of my last doctor appointments for a good long time. I actually have the cards in my purse for the last two appointments until another YEAR passes. That is such a good feeling!

But, I was a tad late getting to my appointment this morning. I took a cancellation and didn't realize the interstate on-ramp was going to be closed... and then I got behind a VERY SLOW car in the parking garage. Seriously, I wanted to get out and push the car in front of me... I think it would have gone faster!

But, I eventually got parked and ran to my doctor's building. Door closed. Use alternate entrance. I'm now officially LATE.

And then I had a little dose of reality. As I was starting to feel snarly over all these delays (all because I was fortunate enough to get a cancelled appt. on the very day I called in), I stopped at the hospital reception desk to get my parking ticket validated.

The lady looked at me and said, "Is that all?" I said, "Yes."

But, before I went hurtling off to my appt, another lady just calmly looked at me and said, "You're lucky."

I looked at her and smiled, but I still dashed off as fast as I could. After I was checked in and waiting for them to call my name at the doctor's, I thought about what that nice lady said.

And I realized, I am lucky.

My medical issues are coming to an end, hopefully. Others may not be so fortunate. Before I get all snarly about some little things, like slow moving cars or closed entrances, or lack of time, I should think about that.


Summer said...

I'm glad everything's getting better.

Chris said...

Yeah, I'll be able to finally get a JOB. :)

Wait. Did I say that outloud? :)

Daisy said...

Chris, I am so glad to hear your health is improving. :-)

I also understand what you are saying about being lucky. Sometimes I need to be reminded too just how good I have things when I stop to think about the troubles of so many others. Good luck in getting a job if you go that route! :D

Chris said...

Hi Daisy! :)

Yeah, I'm glad too. :) This is a genetic thing, so I know how to deal with it. It's just a long PROCESS. Ick. The worst part is how much hair I've lost. I MISS having lots of hair. Ah well. There are worse things.

I am looking forward to looking for a job... not just yet, but in a year or so. I sure hope the economy picks back up. I read about your library and I hope all that works out. It is just so sad to see funding cut for such important parts of our communities.

ALF said...

Hopefully no more doctors appointments for you. And it's nice when we can be reminded that we are, for the most part, very lucky.

Chris said...

Hi Mommy Alf! :)

I am VERY relieved. :) Fingers crossed.

I'm probably thinking more about this b/c my dad's in the hospital. It is tough to get old.