Friday, August 14, 2009

Guitar Hero: Les Paul, 1915-2009

What an amazing man and an extraordinary life. He'll be missed.

Matt, my youngest son, wanted to know why that last video wasn't in color. I told him it was because there was no color back then. Everything was black and white. I've always wanted to say that. hehe ;) (And yes, he knew I was teasing him, after an initial shocked silence where he was obviously wondering what the world looked like in tones of gray.) ;) But, the neat part was how much he enjoyed the music. I caught him dancing almost as soon as I started playing the videos. :)

I was able to see some of Les Paul's guitars in person when we went up to the Rock Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio a few months ago. It was really awe-inspiring to see them and read the history. I highly recommend a visit! It was fun even for the musically-challenged, like me! ;)


Daisy said...

He was such a talented musician. He influenced a lot of musicians, I'm sure. I like that your son was dancing to the music. ;-)

Happy weekend to you, Chris.

jennifer said...

He was truly one of the greats.