Monday, December 28, 2009

Random thoughts...

Today the kids are hiding from me b/c they remember I said it was haircut day. I wonder where they are? ;)

The Christmas tree... well, I'm wanting to take it down today and put most of the decorations away. I always wait until New Year's Day. This is odd. I shall try to resist.

All Matt's new toys won't fit in his room. I was afraid of this. It is time to purge the Rescue Heroes. I think I will mind more than he will. I love the Rescue Heroes.

What I should REALLY do today is defrost the upright freezer in the basement. Goody. Pretty sure I can find enough to do upstairs so I can rationalize putting that off (again).

I have HUGE news in that someone close to me is having their first baby. I am keeping mum under extreme duress. I've always felt that kind of news is best told by the people actually having the baby... and this blog feeds into my Facebook page... sooo... but, I'm VERY excited!

Tommy got an electric scooter for Christmas that goes 15 mph. I think he feels like Superman riding this thing. It is COOL. He's a very careful kid, so I am not nervous about him riding it or anything, but I'll still be mother hen and remind him to be careful... every second or so. ;)

Steelers have a chance at the play-offs. I'd love to see that happen! Sunday is going to be nerve-wracking! Right now, I bet they are really regretting letting the Browns beat them. That never should have happened.

My online buddy, Speedy, is making me pay for popcorn in his movie theater and I'm rebelling and sneaking in my own snacks. So there. HA! ;) (Daisy, are you with me? I'm bringing homemade caramel corn drizzled with dark chocolate. Speedy, I'd be happy to let you buy some. hahahaha)


Summer said...

Sounds like a good Christmas. lol. I know how you feel. We purged toy boxes the weekend before Christmas. It felt so good. Now new and noisy toys have replaced them. :)

Daisy said...

My freezer needs to be defrosted too! I hate that chore. All that waiting for it to melt, and then I always end up getting water on the floor from it no matter how hard I try not to. What a mess! :P

I took our tree down yesterday! HA HA HA!

As for the movie snacks, I have been known to sneak my own into the theater with me on occasion too! (Shhh, don't tell the theater police!) Although, that was when I was expecting to have to PAY for the ones inside. Since Speedy is offering me FREE popcorn,....hmmm, but you say you have homemade caramel corn with chocolate on it?....that sounds REALLY good too...hmmmm...

CPQ said...

Rescue Heroes were my favorite. I got rid of them when we moved into the house because the boys swore they were tired of playing with them. Just last week they asked me where they were.


Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

Sounds like maybe I've corrupted you into sneaking food into Speedy's theater with me. hehehe OH GOOD! I intend to change him an arm and a leg if he wants to share any of it! HA!

I am jealous that your tree is down. The little darlings don't want ours down yet. It's that whole NYD tradition thing... ;)

Chris said...

Hi CPQ! :)

I am thinking I should take those RH's no farther than the basement for now... :) I know all it will take is watching the movie this winter and he'll want them!

Chris said...

Hi Summer! I know how neat and organized you are! You would DIE if you walked into Matt's room right now. But, I have A Plan. :)